Welcome to the Plant Karmic Seeds blog where we will explore all the inner workings of our minds.

Releasing old stories that maybe weighing us down. Seeing ourselves in each other’s stories. Feeling connected through each other stories. As we pull out these old weeds, we make room for new seeds to blossom. The seeds of our garden that we wish to plant. Some of the things that maybe holding us down or that are deeply embedded in us do not belong to us. They were the seeds of our parents or grandparents, our teachers, relatives or friends that got sprinkled into our garden. We no longer need to make space for these weeds. With awareness, with the right gardening tools we can get to digging, get to replanting and fertilizing that with which we want to see. Love, Confidence, Healing, Compassion, Empathy.

An embrace of all of what we are and all of who we are.