I was born on Thanksgiving Day. The morning of November 28th 1985 in Harlem Hospital. I attribute the energy of that day. A day of giving thanks to a lot of my existence. I live in a state of gratitude for all that is. I live in a state of gratitude for this life that I am living and this journey that I have been on. When I think back on the many highs and the many lows, they all served a purpose for my existence and I AM eternally grateful.

I back tracked  my conception time and it puts me to right around Valentine’s Day. Another holiday with the energy that truly confirms my very nature. LOVE.

I like to think of my parents conceiving me in a state of love and the energy of the world around me sharing in this love. Expressing this love. Vibrating this love.

Although my heart and mind can create a reality that feels good for me…..

There was also the reality that my birth father was extremely violent to my young teenage mother who was just finishing up her senior year of high school when she found out that she was pregnant with me.

I was the first child born to both of my parents and my life had meaning before I took my first breath.

When I was very young, I would say to my mother all the time that I was sent here to be with her. I often felt like I had to protect my mother, even from a very young age. Maybe it was remembrance of being in the womb as he so viciously attacked her in hopes that she would lose me. Maybe it was the energy of my childhood and the chaos that surrounded it.

Or maybe just maybe it was a deep inner knowing then what I constantly affirm now- that we are ALL here for a reason.

And my reason is rooted in LOVE.

I truly believe in all of my heart and in all my being that I was sent here to show the power of LOVE.

The core essence of who we all are is love and it is that very vibration that connects us. That makes the unfamiliar familiar.

It was what we are longing for in all that we do. It makes every single experience much more sweeter. It makes the meals we are making much more delicious. It makes the art more impactful. The music more entrancing.

It is the secret ingredient of life. The Secret to be SHARED. To be whispered out loud. To be SHOUTED from mountaintops.


It is the antidote for all suffering in the world. Love feeds the hungry. Love removes fear and phobias.

Love ends wars.

Love heals broken hearts.

Love connects every sentient being on this planet.

And so as I continue embarking on this journey in life.

I move with the understanding that I am rooted in love. I am rooted in purpose.

I overstand that while I may not understand it all. I AM Love and love will never lead me astray.

It is the path.

It is my calling.

For so long I carried shame around my true birth story. A shame that did not belong to me.

For it was love that brought my FATHER. A man who came into my life when I was just one years old and fell IN LOVE with me. and I Together.

It was through his love that I felt protected, I felt guided, I felt like I was his because I was.

We were sent here for each other and as his daughter I reciprocated every ounce of that love in return.

Showing him how grateful I was. Never missing an opportunity to put to words what his existence meant to me. And when he left the physical world. I had no regrets other than the time we would not be able to share together.

So as I share this part of my story. I share it with LOVE.

Love for every decision he and my mother made. Knowing that the intention was good.

Knowing that they wanted to protect me and that they did the very best they knew how.

Knowing that every single thing happened exactly as it was supposed to.

I don’t believe in coincidences.


And I know love because of Carmen and Antoine Ashe.

I also acknowledge my physical existence because of a man who was in need of love. Whose lack of love caused him to hurt so many people. And I send him love.


I AM rooted in LOVE.