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If you are Ready and Willing (R.A.W.) then let's get to work!

My mantra is simple. No one can change until they are willing to make the changes themselves.

This is not an overnight process.

It involves unlearning and relearning. Determining your motivation and showing up daily with commitment and dedication. It also involves compassion for ones self when you fall short and constant outpouring of love for the person and life you are creating.

I offer the support throughout your journey but your journey is your own. 

That means you must first be ready and willing to do so and that entails full self- accountability.

My goal is to provide you all the resources to help you have the breakthrough you deserve while offering you the motivation to keep progressing. I will help you with meal prep assistance, recipe planning, fitness guidance and effective affirmations. The ultimate objective is to have you looking and feeling your best so that your life can be poppin in all areas.

The goal of the consultation is to understand the process in depth, determine if we are a good match for one another and to get started on living your happiest and healthies Poppin' life.

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